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We design & develop simple, beautiful websites using standards based methods - we deliver polished, professional, and affordable products that get you the attention you deserve.

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We have a simple, useable, design focus that helps get your customers to the info they are looking for.

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Want to integrate some custom web-apps into your website? We have the tools to get you up and running quickly.


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We offer a worry free web hosting environment for our customers. We know you'll appreciate the service and track record.

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News & Press Releases
Dazzled by Twilight Launches

After an intense and excellerated development cycle BLUETUX and Dazzled by Twilight are happy to announce the launch of the new Dazzled by Twilight website. Read More...

New Hosting Center Is Live!

We have completed the transition from our old hosting data-center to the brand new center. We're seeing huge improvements in performance and are looking forward to bringing on the next wave of improvements to our customer's experience in the next few months. Read More...


Our Point to Point Inspection will provide you with a complete audit of your site. Make sure you are getting the full potential out of your website by signing up for a Site Inspection today.

To get started, contact us and simply ask our staff to perform a site inspection.

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